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Lemonbyte develop applications with the new Open Mobile platform - Samsung Bada

The name "Bada", which means "Ocean" in Korean, was chosen to suggest the variety of possible applications that can be created using the new platform. Also, the term refers to the commitment of the company to offer to mobile phone industry a variety of open platforms.

Bada Plaforma offers ways of interaction with the user, including motion sensors, the fine control of vibration and face recognition mechanisms. These new interfaces open up new ways to express creativity in application development.
samsung apps

The platform allows to developer to exploit the mobile phone capabilities in order to create complex and spectacular applications. These applications can call functions of the device to initiate calls, send messages or access data from various networks and benefit from its complex controls.

Bada is a kernel-level configurable platform and can run on Linux kernel type or other real-time operating systems, which offers a high degree of applicability for other devices, not just mobile phones.
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