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Information Systems Professional and effective IT solutions that meet the needs of modern business.
Design, development, implementation and maintenance software in accordance with the specifications of your company   Next »  Read more
E-commerce Solutions Our company offers development and support solutions for web catalogs and web shops on PHP or ASP.net platforms, supported by MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle databases etc.   « Previous Next »  Read more
Web Advertising Web Advertising We provide technology, experience and creativity of our team to decrease the distance between the company and your customers.   « Previous  Read more


servicii softwareSoftware applications specific to client needs

Lemonbyte provide design, development, deployment and maintenance, guaranteeing mobility and short reaction time.
The latest technologies are used, ensuring reduced maintenance systems prices, high performance, longer life time and better integration with other systems.

Information Systems:
• Information applications with database:
   gestiune clienti, customer management, resource management, sales, production, etc.
• Communication Systems and Embedded type:
   Systems of monitoring devices - card readers, sensors, etc.

• Web - interactive websites : Web portals, E-commerce, E- learning,...etc.
• Intranet - database systems that allow work online using a web browser.
• Windows - desktop applications working as individuals workstations or connected to a network.

Web Advertising

Online advertising revenues reach record numbers in some markets. Everything is in favor of online industry! According to the Price Waterhouse Coopers in the moment, online advertising is close to 10% of total investments in the field. Only good news for the online industry, optimism based on "migration" of people and activities in cyber-space, technological improvements, virtual content varied. As television programs diversify their online and do not stress the band so much, advertisers are thought to account. American online advertising market saw record sum of 5.9 billion dollars in the first quarter of 2010, according to a report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). "The growth from year to year reflects the confidence in marketing, interactive advertising value and effectiveness," said Randall Rothenberg, IAB President and CEO. "The Internet, along with technological innovations explosive devices and platforms, has transformed the lives of consumers by offering them access to entertainment and information anytime, anywhere and whenever you want. We provide technology, experience and creativity of our team to decrease the distance between the company and your customers customized application development using the latest technologies.

Web advertising including services:

  • Web design
  • Webshops
  • Online rezervation systems(hotels, shows,etc)
  • Assistence for increasing your company popularity on Internet(SEO, Page ranking, etc)

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